A downloadable game for Windows

Our submission for the 2020 Mix and Game GameJam

Big Thanks to

- Dexter (Programming, lead)

- Beesus (Art)

- Ryythm (Art)

- Ingvild Grotløkken (Art)

- Configuration (aka Slackfig) (Programming)

- Rebecca Archer (Writing)

- Abracadaniel (Music)


Monster Duet v3.zip 44 MB


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Game of the year 2020!

At first I was a little unsure about the concept, but after playing I soon realized this was something special. The absolutley award deserving, brilliant idea of compining a "dating sim + rhythm spel". Althought it is a times "jävligt buggig tho" the fun mechanics and compelling story telling far compensates for it. 

This game far exceeds any and all expectations for what a game-jam game should feel like. Truly one of, if not the best game to be released this year!